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Alaska Remote Guide Service offers trophy-class Alaska big-game hunting for moose, brown / grizzly bear, and Dall sheep in south-central Alaska

About Wayne Kubat

Wayne holds Master Guide license #147, and has guided in Alaska for moose, brown / grizzly bear, Dall sheep and barren-ground caribou since 1986. He’s also a Super Cub pilot, with over 5500 hours of Alaska bush flying experience. 

About Our Hunting Areas

We hunt an exclusive federal concession located in Denali National Preserve. As the only commercial guide operating in this area, we are in a position to limit the number of moose, brown / grizzly bears and Dall sheep we harvest, in order to help maintain a healthy population of trophy-class animals.

Available Species

We operate in a multi-species area that offers hunting opportunities for trophy moose, brown / grizzly bear, Dall sheep, and black bear.

About Our Hunts

Our spring bear season starts in April, just as our larger boar brown / grizzly bears are emerging from their dens. We’ve conducted spring hunts here since 1987, and are consistently taking boars in the 8 ½’-9’ size class.

Our fall season begins with our Dall sheep hunts. In order to maintain trophy quality, we restrict ourselves to between four and six hunters a season. Some of our sheep hunts provide an opportunity for grizzly as well.

Our moose hunts start out in tree-line areas at the beginning of the season, where larger bulls are often found. Later, as the big bulls acquire harems of cows, they tend to move down to lower country, and during those times we will relocate to these areas. Our bulls average in the 60” size class, with larger bulls taken as well.

We also offer fall brown / grizzly bear hunts, which can be done exclusively, or in combination with our fall moose hunts. Black  bear, wolf, and wolverine are also available.


Learn Moose Calling from the Expert!

Few experiences can rival the thrill of calling a mature bull moose to within shooting range, and thanks to our instructional DVDs and our moose megaphone, the “Bull Magnet”, moose calling is within your grasp!


Moose calling instructional DVDs by Wayne Kubat

Love, Thunder, and Bull I

Love, Thunder and Bull II


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