Alaska Kingfishers Featured

At Alaska Kingfishers you will stay in a very comfortable and complete tent camp right on the edge of the river. Each guest will sleep in a two person heated tent cabin, complete with wooden floors, beds with linen. The camp has generator power and shower facilities with hot & cold running water. We offer all the comforts of home to ensure you have an amazing Alaska fishing trip. The dining tent is a casual place to relax, work on tackle and enjoy some very fine home cooking & baking. The camp is just steps from the river, allowing those with enough energy to actually fish late into the evening under the light of the midnight sun.

We only open our Alaska fishing camp for a few weeks during the prime time of our annual Alaska Salmon runs. We recommend that you book early to ensure that you catch your fill of Alaska King Salmon, Alaska Chum Salmon, and Alaska Sockeye Salmon. Our fishing camp employs expert Alaska fishing guides that will get you hooked up with fish all day long. We offer the finest Alaska fishing trips that target trophy King Salmon and also World Class Alaska fly out fishing trips to remote areas that target Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Sockeye Salmon.

The Nushagak River’s World Renowned runs of King Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Sockeye Salmon are certainly worthy of the trip to Alaska. The Nushagak River is also teeming with wildlife so don’t be surprised of you see moose coming to the river to drink, birds fluttering by, and much more.

Our season at Kingfisher will start around June 16 and run through late July. This particular camp has a relatively short season because we operate only during the peak of the King salmon season, which is our primary focus. The Nushagak River is very large and for the King salmon it favors conventional tackle. One of the things that set Alaska Kingfishers apart from other camps is the diversity of techniques that we employ.  Although pulling plugs for king salmon is very effective so are Divers and bait, Back dragging bait, side drifting bait, trolling Bob Tomans Tillamook spinners, floats and bait or jigs and also plunking while sitting next to the fire at night time. However, more and more guests are visiting us with the intention of fly fishing for those swimming giants we call Kings.

Fly fishing for King salmon requires a little more effort than conventional methods, but can be done very effectively. All of our guides are very experienced fly fisherman and we are happy to offer instruction to those guests who would like to fly fish. Shortly after the Kings move into the river, the Chum Salmon, and then the Sockeye salmon return in numbers to the Nushagak. These chrome bright bullets offer some unbelievable opportunities for fly fishing that everyone should take advantage of.

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